Health Benefits, Tips and Information

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

In the Flathead Valley alone there are several doctors and naturopaths who send people to Genesis Kitchen specifically for “HIGH BIOPHENOL OLIVE OIL.” In short – this is a highly anti-inflammatory food, it assists the body in so many ways that it is hard to summarize. We have seen marked improvements in people’s skin, heart, brain, digestive, and immune health. There are many studies now touting cancer-fighting power of Biophenols – we have been convinced of all this for decades and finally it seems science is in agreement.

Is it Okay to Cook With Olive Oil

Yes – and no. Fresh olive oil is wonderful to cook with. The UC Davis campus proved that you can bake with olive oil at 400 degrees for up to an hour before the molecular structure becomes destabilized. However if you are using an older oil – its smoke point has dropped and we do not recommend using it at all.

Shelf Life of Olive Oil

Olive oil stays good for about 14 months after it is harvested. We source oils from both the Southern and Northern hemispheres which means we have fresh oil every 6 months. We suggest using whatever oil you purchase from us in about 8 to 12 months and all will be well.

To care for your oil – keep it cool (not above oven, pantry is ok!), dark (not in the window) and keep it covered with a lid or self-closing spout (such as those found here).

Health Benefits of Balsamic Vinegar

While these vinegars have some clear benefits – they are a condiment and contain fruit sugars. The body can handle an impressive amount of olive oil (acclimation may be required) but as with all condiments we encourage you not to go overboard here.

The word Balsamic has the same root as “balm” and was originally used as a type of curative. There are some digestive benefits as these vinegars are never pasteurized – they actually contain some probiotic strains. There are studies that show when balsamics are consumed with a meal a balancing effect on blood sugar. Note: We only source SUGAR FREE balsamics as we find these are sweet enough from the fruit sugar and require no additional ingredients.

Note on Sugars and Usage

We usually blend about 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 oil for our dressings.

Our fig and pomegranate dark balsamics have the least sugar of all the dark balsamics.

For a less-sweet white balsamic – try cutting any of our flavored white balsamics with our champagne vinegar, it has half the sugar and a lovely aftertaste.