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Dedicated to helping people make educated food & lifestyle choices...

... so our product selection is based on our commitment to extremely high quality food.

Do you want fresh olive oils and balsamic vinegars at amazing prices? We have exactly that, and you can visit us here online and at our walk-in retail store in Columbia Falls located in Montana’s Flathead Valley.

David and Sheri Cohen opened Genesis Kitchen in 2012 with one primary aim, to offer the best foods possible that serve the body and the palette well. Inspired by the age-old saying “Let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food,” they were able to realize excellent health in their bodies by choosing only foods that met this criteria.

Further research:
After years of combined research into both food and fitness the couple found that certain foods from certain regions had vastly different impacts on the body. They travelled extensively and were able to discover that wheat grown in Europe did not cause the issues they experienced with the domestically grown grains, that fresh olive oil was a world apart from those ‘waiting for you’ at the local grocery, and that the ‘natural food’ industry does not always have our best interests in mind. Thus, they opted out of it!

Genesis Kitchen is stocked with hundreds of foods from small producers. In most cases David has met or spoken with the purveyors to develop long lasting trusted relationships. The Cohens are very grateful to be this final link that connects families and farms across the globe with people who care about what they consume.

David & Sheri Cohen