Dick Taylor Brown Butter Nibs & Sea Salt

Dick Taylor Brown Butter Nibs & Sea Salt


Dick Taylor’s Brown Butter Nibs & Sea Salt chocolate is a deliciously rich bar that simply sings! With cacao from Akesson Plantation of Madagascar, Fazenda Camboa of Brazil, and organic cane sugar from Brazil, they craft their 73% Northerner Blend. The chocolate is combined with browned butter from the local Rumiano Family creamery to create an ultra creamy foundation for crunchy roasted cacao nibs and delicate sea salt.

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Origins: Northerner Blend – Brazil & Madagascar

“The SS Northerner sailed for the last time on January 5, 1860 when she struck Blunts reef, was breached and wrecked. Constructed of wood, she was a hard working side-wheeled steam ship transporting not only passengers, but also cargo of gold and mail throughout the Pacific Northwest from San Francisco to the Columbia River. Her wreck was one of the first in a long history of vessels lost facing the treacherous waters off Humboldt County. This bar, named after the SS Northerner, hopes to capture the rugged and bold nature of the early ships to work these waters.” – ADAM DICK OWNER/HEAD CHOCOLATE MAKER

Handcrafted from bean to bar in Dick Taylor’s Eureka, California chocolate factory.

Weight 2.7 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 4 × .4 in