Caravaglio Sicilian Capers in Wine Vinegar

Caravaglio Sicilian Capers in Wine Vinegar


Heralded for their fragrant bouquet and delicate crunch, Sicilian capers are a staple in any Italian pantry. The island of Salina—just off the Northern Coast of Sicily—has the ideal mineral-rich soil for growing Lilliput capers, a varietal known for its sweeter, more perfumed flavor.

Producer Antonio Caravaglio’s capers in vinegar start with his salt-cured capers. To make his salt-preserved capers, the tiny buds are carefully sorted, set out to dry under the Aeolian sun for a few days and then packed in sea salt to cure. After 10 days, the capers are cleaned and packed again with new salt and continue to cure for another 20–30 days. The salted capers are rinsed and then packed in a brine of white wine vinegar and water. The finished capers are plump with a firm, crisp texture and a bright, briny bite.

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Uses:  Caravaglio’s Sicilian Capers in Vinegar can be used straight out of the jar (no rinsing required)—just drain them lightly and add to your favorite caper recipes. Stir a couple tablespoons into tomato sauce flavored with anchovies and IASA hot pepper, blend into mayonnaise or roughly chop and add to fish cakes.  These capers’ vinegary bite make them perfect for substituting anywhere you would use olives. Sprinkle over foccacia before baking, or add to pasta with cauliflower and raisins or whisk into a dressing for warm, boiled potatoes. They also make a wonderful addition to herb-based sauces like salsa verde and chimichurri.

Ingredients:  “Lilliput” capers, wine vinegar, water, salt

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