• FLAVOR!!!! If you have never had a raw, cured Botija Olive then you may be in for a surprise; these soft, tender olives are scrumptious with just the right texture. They have an incredibly unique flavor that any olive lover will immediately appreciate. These are an intense food. A little goes a long way...chop and add to salads, appetizers, Mediterranean/Italian dishes and more. Because they are raw and ripened on the tree naturally, they are packed with nutrition. Vitamins A and E, calcium, iron and beautifying oleic acid, a heart healthy monounsaturated fat. Raw Organic Botija Olives - 8oz Product of: Peru
  • Lightly infused with Aperol liqueur, Casina Rossa Olive Aperitivo snacking olives take on a mild orange flavor that is enhanced by bits of Sicilian dried orange and a lightly sweet brine. Use as a snack with any aperitivo, or as a garnish for an Aperol Spritz cocktail or martini.
  • Spiced and aromatic, Casina Rossa Olive all' Amaro olives are infused with Italy’s favorite digestivo - Amaro Bitters Liqueur. A perfect bite beside a Negroni cocktail, as well as a fun garnish for mixologists. Cooks will enjoy the rich flavor they add to roasted meat dishes.
  • Casina Rossa Squashed Green Olives with Lemon are called “snacking” olives for good reason: you won’t be able to stop munching once you bite into these refreshing lemony and bright Italian olives! The Italian green olives from Abruzzo are squashed to release their intense flavor and then mixed with a bright lemon oil and slices of fresh lemon, plus a touch of garlic. Sunny and uniquely delicious, they’re a natural partner for cocktails – especially olive martinis, of course! But it’s also great when matched with seafood dishes, salads and even a fresh baguette for an easy appetizer crostini.
  • Casina Rossa Spicy Green Olives is a snacking olive with a mild zip to it, making it the life of the party! Balanced Spiciness from Abruzzo.
  • Casina Rossa Mixed Olive Salad is a delicious mix of Leccino, Nocellara del Belice, and Cerignola olives ready to set in a bowl for snacking, cocktails, parties.
  • Casina Rossa Sun-dried Tomato Rolls with Ricotta Cheese are Apulian sundried tomatoes rolled around ricotta cheese and seasoned with Mediterranean herbs. Preserved organically in EVOO they are delightful alone as well as in pasta.
  • Olives richly infused with aged balsamic vinegar to perfectly balance their bitterness with natural balsamic sweetness. Serve with salads, at aperitif time, or sliced for a delightful pizza topping.
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